Richard and Chris, the developers of RoboCritters

Chris and Richard, the developers of RoboCritters

Curious Dimensions is a two-man indie game development group, based in Northern Ireland. Together, we have been working in some form or another on RoboCritters since 2009. Initially started as a small project to learn the basics of 2D game development, we soon realised that we had something special we wanted to share with the world.

Development (and learning) has continued steadily through the years as we have worked towards a more polished and complete game. We have enjoyed playing RoboCritters almost as much as developing it and we firmly believe that our unhurried, ‘testing-based’ (cough) approach to development, has ultimately led to a game that, we hope, people will find tuned for maximum fun.

We’re always happy to hear any feedback about the game and we will try to respond to any enquiries as soon as we can. You can contact us via Facebook, Twitter, the Steam forum or the contact form on the site.